Escaped Hodgepodge of Creatures Cause Chaos in Lower Wonderland

Did Residents of the lower Wonderland District unexpectedly met some of their newly arriving neighbors when an airship carrying four dozen creatures tipped over on Friday evening, just minutes away from its destination. The cause of the accident is unclear and currently under investigation by the Atlantis City Guardians. Two of the four cages on the vehicle burst open, releasing just under two dozen creatures. Among these creatures were three pixies, a wendigo, two gargoyles, two baby reapers, and an alicorn.

Alicorns are winged unicorns. They are generally solitary creatures and prefer to roam in quiet, wooded areas.

Gargoyles are small, dragon-like creatures with bat-like wings, long necks, and rough, stone-like skin. Some gargoyles are capable of breathing fire from their mouth.

Soraya and Kekanon, a couple living just down the street from the new sanctuary, were enjoying a quiet dinner on their back porch when a female gargoyle dove down at them from above. "We saw its shadow on the ground first. When we looked up, it was already swooping down at us,"Soraya explained to the Medic droid, which had been patrolling nearby. Thankfully, both Soraya and her husband were unharmed.

A group of concerned Wonderland residents joined the Wonderland Creature Sanctuary staff in their search for the missing creatures, resulting in most of them being found and brought back to the sanctuary the following morning. As of Saturday evening, two gargoyles and an alicorn are still on the loose, presumably still in the Wonderland District. All residents are advised to lock their doors and not approach the three missing creatures. If sighted, residents should contact the Atlantis City Guardians immediately.

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