Blue and Red Balloons spotted around Atlantis, Many speculate the yearly coming of “Them”

THEM! They are here again, for their yearly hunt for what they claim to be the tastiest treat of all…. US! They will take the form of what you fear the most and visit you with two choices. A red or blue balloon for you to choose. From what survivors have stated, each scenario is person-specific, and only you will know the right balloon to pick. As to why they would approach anyone is still unknown. But what is certain is that you must pick a balloon or else a great disaster will befall everyone that you love instead of bearing such burden alone. However, there is nothing to fear as long as you stay home during the times of 22:00 to 3:00 you will be safe. We suggest sleeping in groups of 2-3 for added safety. Most inhabitants nowadays host parties that last all night for the next week so that during the day they sleep and at night have fun and stay alert as a group. It is most common to have someone keep guard, and only have a runner during the day to grab supplies, or even send for a supply drone from Amazin, atlantis’s number one supplier for global instantaneous drop off. No matter what the scenario, you will be prepared. Most years casualties have been between 3-70, though back then when this paranormal phenomenon first occurred it was in the thousands. This left the families in towns, without loved ones who would help and provide, or the new generations of kids who didn't heed the warnings of their elders.

Please make sure that this year you practice safety this whole week, think of your loved ones that will miss your presence dearly. Under no circumstances should you leave your home at night, and please make sure to leave work early or simply have the full week off. Make sure to watch for any special broadcasts. Most TV stations will make an announcement when the danger hours are near. In the event of you becoming a target, it's been rumored if you have a cheese danish and offer it to them before making a decision, you will be given a hint to which balloon is the correct one to pick. Bakeries all over Atlantis tend to make danish’s around this time of year in the millions, because sales are at an all time high during this particular week.

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