Fairy Lamps: Ethical Or Murder?

We are now in a new millennia and we have many forms of illumination for us to choose from.

Magical Surge Has Caused Toasters to Explode!

Many household residents were met with a surprise this morning in Electric Town.

Blue and Red Balloons spotted around Atlantis, Many speculate the yearly coming of “Them”

THEM! They are here again, for their yearly hunt for what they claim to be the tastiest treat of all…. US!

Escaped Hodgepodge of Creatures Cause Chaos in Lower Wonderland

Residents of the lower Wonderland District unexpectedly met some of their newly arriving neighbors when an airship carrying four dozen creatures tipped over on Friday evening, just minutes away from its destination.

Hermes Gazette

Band of assassins attempt to rob Arkham Bank, but was thwarted by Ranlaak the Head Hunter

Band of assassins attempt to rob Arkham Bank, but was thwarted by Ranlaak the Head Hunter

A band of assassins called The Red Cowl have made a near successful attempt at robbing the second largest bank in Atlantis: The Arkham bank. Lead by Krinz the Trepidation who is known for using shadows and one's' fears against them almost completed the deed. He and his group organized an attack on the bank last night in hopes of catching a big score in between guard rotations until Ranlaak appeared and began organizing a counter attack with the remaining guards. Ranlaak was able to astral project in between throwing her poison tipped claw punches at the would-be attackers. However, with each hit she was unable to land any. If it weren't for her ability to phase in and out of different bodies to at least stun them long enough to capture one of the assassins then this last stand scenario would have been for nothing. Now with a bandit as hostage we might be one step closer in taking down Krinz and his gang of assassins.

Ranlaak’s origin is from the Hóngsè lín aka Red Forest. She was top of her combat sorcery class where she learned how to combine the art of ninjutsu and magic for some explosive combat tricks to take down her enemies. With her speed and knowledge of what it takes to be a warrior, she becomes a formidable foe for any villain in her sites. Her weapon of choice is a gauntlet claw with blades that always stay drawn and tips that are coated with different status inflicting coats that she changes depending on the situation. She has vowed to take down Krinz in the same manner he did away with her siblings; mercilessly. 


Krinz came from the same school as Ranlaak, the difference is he didn’t learn that it takes time to make a positive change in the world. Instead he became jaded and angry, so he would strike down all who opposed him when he was still living in the Red Forest. Now that he has traversed to Atlantis, he feels as though he deserves all of the luxuries that the corrupt higher class has. So he does this by force, and also by manipulating one's fears to their disadvantage and binding them with their own shadow. Little is known on how he does this, some speculate he had stolen an ancient tomb back in his acolyte days with Ranlaak, while others believed he acquired the abilities because he sacrificed the whole school to obtain such power. Leaving Ranlaak alive, because a spot in his heart had thought she would have joined him.

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