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General Rules
Visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a guardian who is over the age of 18 at all times. This is to ensure the safety of all children in the city.

Outside food is not allowed to be transported through the portal into Atlantis. Visitors will be asked to dispose of any food before entering the portal.

Official Atlantis Festival photographers will be onsite to take photos of the event. By attending Atlantis Festival, visitors agree to allow Kokoro Productions LLC to use their likeness, in any and all photos and videos taken of them, for promotional and decorative purposes.

Each district in Atlantis has its own set of rules and guidelines that visitors will be expected to follow. Specific rules, if any, will be posted near the entrance to each district.

All visitors will be asked to vacate the city at the festival closing time every evening. Visitors may not linger during the festival clean-up for security purposes.

Consumption of alcohol, use of drugs, and/or smoking (this includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic devices, i.e. vaping, and others) is not allowed at Atlantis Festival. 

Visitors are encouraged to be responsible and vigilant regarding their own personal belongings. Large crowds in Atlantis make it easier to lose or forget items. Visitors should not leave any belongings unattended. 

Visitors may not remove or take any Atlantis Festival decorations, props, or other general equipment. Visitors who are caught taking such items will be escorted out of Atlantis and will have their Visitor Visa(s) revoked.

Each Atlantis Festival merchant has their own sales, refund, and return policies that visitors agree to when making a purchase. Atlantis Festival staff will not get involved with any conflicts between merchants and visitors regarding returns, refunds, or exchanges.

All weapons and props must be declared and checked at the security desk before entering the portal to Atlantis. 

Weapons and props sold by merchants at Atlantis Festival are available for purchase by visitors who are 18 years of age or older. Merchants will check IDs before completing any sales of such items.

Paper, foam, cardboard, wood, fiberglass and plastic weapons and props are generally acceptable to bring to Atlantis Festival. Metal or steel weapons and props may be given approval on a case-by-case basis. Live steel and/or sharp steel is prohibited from being transported into Atlantis. 

Live firearms are prohibited from being transported into Atlantis. All other range weapons and props must have orange or yellow tips.

Visitor Visas
Visitors may not give, swap, sell, or otherwise allow someone else to use their Visitor Visa. 

Visitors are expected to keep their Visitor Visas with them at all times when in Atlantis. Visitors who can not present their Visitor Visas if asked by Atlantis Festival Security Staff will be escorted out of Atlantis. 

Cosplays & General Attire
Cosplays that can not fit through the portal to Atlantis are prohibited. Such cosplays tend to block the flow of traffic through hallways and aisles and can create potential fire hazards.

All cosplays and general attire must be PG-13 appropriate.

Cosplays may not have any components that leave behind any messes or marks (ie no confetti trails, no bloody cosplays that leave wet trails). Cosplays that inadvertently make messes must be cleaned up by the cosplayer immediately.

Visitors may not bring chainsaws or gasoline to the festival.

Visitors in horror-themed cosplays may not purposely attempt to scare or otherwise disturb other visitors, especially children.

Visitors who bring signs must declare and check in their signs at the security desk before entering the portal to Atlantis. Signs must be PG-13 and may not contain any profanity.

Visitors may not stop others to take photos in the main walkway or at the entrance of each district. These types of stops create fire hazards and inconvenience other visitors.

Visitors may not take any photos of children 15 years of age or under without explicit consent from that child's parent or guardian.

Visitors must stop taking photos of any other visitors, vendors, or Atlantis citizens or staff, who request that their photo not be taken. Visitors who get multiple complaints regarding their photography practices will be asked to leave Atlantis.