Nestled cozily in the east of Atlantis, toward the lower part of Wonderland, is Fae Forest. Pixies, Sprites, Leprechauns, and Faeries have made this their neighborhood, cultivating colorful flowers and lush vegetation in the area. One thing the Fae love to do: Play games! Whether it's card games, board games, magic games, bingo, or sports, you'll find the residents of this forest playing gleefully almost every day. The Fae are friendly folk and love having visitors, especially ones who don't mind participating in a bit of play!

District: Wonderland
Hours: 10am - 8pm

Visitor Recommendations:

Lady Aerthuneth, Queen of the Fae, often enjoys the company of visitors. She loves receiving foreign candy.

Griffins, dragons, cats, and other pets are welcome in the forest so long as you clean up after them.

The Fae love to try out new games and will happily play anything new you bring them.

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