The Atlantis City Council is comprised of dedicated citizens who serve the city year round by looking to the city's major projects and infrastructure goals including community growth and strategic planning. 


City council members also play a major role in the management of the annual Atlantis Festival by working with Atlantis citizens and festival volunteers to create an exciting and welcoming space for all visitors.


Front End Operations Director | Overview

The Front End Operations Director is responsible for ensuring the event provides a high level of visitor and merchant satisfaction throughout the entirety of the event. From the moment a visitor registers for their visa to the moment the visitor leaves, the Director is responsible for ensuring that the visitor experiences the best hospitality Atlantis has to offer.

Programming Director | Overview

The Programming Director is responsible for scheduling and ensuring the quality of all general programming and performances throughout Atlantis. The Director will also oversee the technological requirements for the event as needed for the scheduled programs.

Back End Operations Director | Overview

The Back End Operations Director ensures a smooth and secure event by facilitating logistics and maintaining quality security and volunteer services throughout the event. The Director’s primary responsibilities lie in staff and visitor safety and assistance.


Guest Relations Manager | Overview

Add Value to the Event by Securing and Maintaining a High Level of Care to All Performers, Special Guests, and other Talent Attending the Festival

Volunteers Manager | Overview

Organize and Manage Valuable Experiences for Volunteers While Supporting Departments in Need of Assistance

Merchant Manager | Overview

Provide Quality Merchant Care Services and Maximize Merchant Profit Opportunities Throughout the Event

Border Control & Security Manager | Overview

Ensure the Safety and Comfort of All Staff, Visitors, and Merchants throughout the Event