A beloved past time of Lady Aerthuneth and Queen Maurathea, croquet is available for free play for visitors to the Fae Forest. Groups of up to 5 may play together at the faeries' home-grown croquet field. If you're lucky, Lady Aerthuneth or Queen Maurathea may swing by and play a round or two with your party.

District: Wonderland [Fae Forest]
Hours: 10am - 8pm

Standard Croquet Rules:

1. Be the first to move your ball from the stake, through each wicket, and back to the start -taking turns with your opponent(s)

2. The Striker has one swing unless extra shots are earned

3. Balls must go through the wickets in a forward direction

4. A player may earn bonus shuts if they hit their ball through a wicket (1 extra) or hit another ball (2 extra)

5. One bonus shot may lead to another

6. If your ball passes through a hoop by getting hit by an opponent's ball, you get credit for that run and can move on to the next hoop


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