The Atlantis Volunteer System is empowered to provide good service to all that attend.  Volunteers will work through multiple parts of the world flow; providing good experience for their resume. The Volunteer System is an entry point to be more involved with the community, the convention, and elements of the workforce. And also a good way to fulfil school volunteer hours. 


Each volunteer is to receive a convention pass for this year's Alantits 2020. A deposit is made to ensure responsibility for both Alantits and the Volunteer. Upon successful service and fulfilled requirements, the deposit is returned. The greatest volunteer experience is achieved with the following requirements:

  1. Completed Registration Form

  2. Signed Release of Liability/Parental Permission Form

  3. Pay Refundable deposit 

  4. Completion of assigned missions

  5. Receive deposit back after completion of assigned mission


  1. Volunteer's receive a 2-day badge for the Festival

  2. Each volunteer will receive 5 shifts over 4 days 

  3. Volunteer's will have access to the provided staff continental breakfast and lunch/dinners.

  4. Volunteer's will receive recommendations for their resume/applications from our High Council [The CEO, CFO, COO, CMO] of the Alantit's Festival owners.

  5. Successful intern work will lead to interviewing for full staff positions for the following 2021 year