Players lead a clan of goblin miners who want to gather the most valuable collection of gems. Coins are scored for gem tiles on the mines you have claimed, with bonuses for dynamite tiles — but if there is too much dynamite, the mine (and all the riches within) are destroyed!

District: Wonderland

Last Minute Signups: 1pm-2:30pm Sun

Start Time: 3pm Sat

• Participants are expected to come 10-15 minutes before start time to check in and be seated

• Only tournament participants may be seated at the table; non-participants must wait elsewhere

Tournament Rules:

• Single elimination

• Each game will have either 3 or 4 players, with the winning player advancing to the next bracket

• In the event of a tie, both players will advance to the next bracket

• Once there are 3-5 players left, the championship bracket will begin. The first to win 2 games in the championship bracket will be the winner

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