District: Wonderland
Display Hours: TBD

Judges: TBD

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We will max out at 30 participants! You will be assigned a judging time once your application has been approved. Please do not be late. Judging will be on day 2. There will be a mandatory meeting at 10 and that is when you may also do a soundcheck and walk the stage.

You may only be entered once, you may not double entry

  • You must be ON TIME to costume Judging and soundcheck if you are not on time and you have not told us you would be running late you will not be able to soundcheck and you will not be able to have your costume judged.

  • Walk on’s have a time of 1:30 and groups have a max of 3 minutes. Singles will not be allowed any longer than 1:30, skit or not, if you are one person that is your time.

  • Please send all music in an mp3 file, DO NOT send us a youtube link, we will not accept it.

  • All performances must be pg-13 if it comes off as anything vulgar or inappropriate we will cut you off. Remember this is a family-friendly convention. *damn and hell are all you can do. Anything other than that I will cut you off. Don’t test me

  • If you have stage props and need time for setup and takedown, let us know and we will accommodate you. 

  • If you have glitter, flower petals, etc be sure to clean up behind yourselves

  • You may NOT enter a cosplay that has won or placed before if you do and we find out we will remove you from the masquerade.

  • On the application, I will now be asking for a summary of what your performance will be. Unlike before I will not be accepting everyone who enters. In order to make sure the show is not all just all lip syncs or dancing your performance will be reviewed based on what you write and from there you will either be accepted or denied. If you are denied you are welcome to try again with another idea. If we get to con and your written summary is not what you perform on stage you will be stopped and removed. 

  • It is not my responsibility to make sure your music is correct. I play what you send me and we do not alter it in any way. If your music isn’t right or doesn't sound like it is correct during your performance wave at us to stop so we can investigate. Do not come to us after the show, it will be too late. I am not responsible for finding your correct music online if the one you sent me is incorrect, remember that; you are responsible for your skit, your music, and your performance. 

  • You may not re-compete in a cosplay, whether it has won or not, in the masquerade if you have competed with it at the previous con in a previous year unless it has had at least 60% of it remade. You may also not use the same audio that was used, we want to see you perform to the best of your ability with new and interesting entries, not the same ones from years past.

Judging rules!

  1. Be sure to have your progress shots ready for the judges

  2. Remember the judges are not there to make you feel uncomfortable, they are cosplayer just like you and you have nothing to worry about

  3. Respect the judges!

  4. Please be on time, the time you sign up for is the time you must be there. If there is a conflict please let us know.