Hail fellow, well met! Prithee enjoy these glorious of days in good health and spirits.

The charming streets of Camelot are filled daily with buzzing market stalls, brave knights, fair maidens, and laughing children. This quintessential old world district rests comfortably in south Atlantis. Farms and meadows in the heart of the district provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and livestock to the whole city, while skilled tradesmen craft the finest armaments in the galaxy.

Delightful Tingatelle Castle sits cozily near the river Aerdunon, with its famous orchards and stables open for all visitors year round. There resides the beloved King of Camelot, Sir Arthur. To the west, the river Espen thunders toward the city gate. This gate stretches across Camelot into south Arkham and serves as the first point of entry to all those who visit Atlantis by foot.



Camelot Detailed Map.jpg