The city of Atlantis is excited to welcome a variety of artists from all over the galaxy to participate in the upcoming Atlantis Festival!


Artisan tables are reserved for skilled craftsmen who create unique products for all to enjoy. Artisans can be painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, crafters, printmakers, filmmakers, candlemakers, etc. All types of artisans are welcome to apply to participate in Atlantis’ most exciting festival of the year.


The city of Atlantis is split into five Districts: Arkham (Horror) Camelot (Renaissance), District 42 (Sci-Fi), Electric Town (Anime, Comic), and Wonderland (Fantasy). Artisans are encouraged to select the district their products would match thematically.


All Artisan spaces are approximately 8'x6' and include:

  • (1) 8' x 30 table with 2 chairs

  • Table coverings (no skirting)

  • (2) Merchant Visas

  • (1) Merchant Welcome Packet

  • (1) Digital Marketing Packet

Artisans are limited to only 1 table per artist to allow for a larger variety of artists to participate in the festivities.

Festival Hours

Saturday, October 24 | 10am to 10pm

Sunday, October 25 | 10am to 6pm



Artisan Table


Extra Merchant Visas

(Up to 2 per Artisan Table)


Artisan Space cancellations before 8/1/20 shall receive a 100% refund.

Artisan Space cancellations before 9/15/20 shall receive a 25% refund.

Artisan Space cancellations on or after 9/15/20 will be given no refund.

Refunds may take between 7-14 business days to process.

COVID-19 IMPACT [updated 5/13/2020]

In the event that Atlantis Festival is canceled or postponed due to Covid-19 by government mandate, safety concerns, or venue closure. We will refund 100% of the amount paid.


Full Refund

A full refund request needs to be filled out within 15 days of the canceled or postponement announcement. An email will be sent out with the time frame you have until the Full Refund expires.


To request a full refund, please email:


Please allow up to 31 business days to process.

We will get them out ASAP in the order received.


Continuing with us to the New Date

If no “Full Refund” is requested by the deadline, your table will automatically roll over to the new date. No additional fees will be added if Artisan chooses to continue with us. The new refund policy will be:


Artisan Space cancellations before 3 months of the new date shall receive a 100% refund. *

Artisan Space cancellations before 1 months of the new date shall receive a 25% refund.*

Artisan Space cancellations within 1 month of the new date will receive no refund.*

Refunds may take between 7-14 business days to process. 


*Date will be added when a new date is announced. These refunds will be fulfilled after the Full Refunds have timed out.




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