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They say something sinister lurks in the southeast corner of Atlantis, deep in the bowels of the Arkham district. Its narrow, winding streets invite travellers to explore its hidden secrets. Barbaeous Clock Tower, having stood for hundreds of years, is witness to all fiendish business that transpires on the uneven cobblestone pavement.  This part of the city lays sleepy and dormant most of the day, but it springs to life when the two moons rise and the werewolves howl. Fog creeps in to this particular district in the evenings, shortly after the lamplights are lit. 

Its residents, wary of visitors and evil spirits, are generally friendly but often keep to themselves. You can find a majority of them in Arkham's bustling taverns, where the endless libations and boisterous atmosphere offer respite from the dark and somber streets.